Don't ever use a powder based extinguisher on or near your car (or inside your house). It will likely do more damage to your electrics than the fire itself. That shit is nasty and gets in everywhere. The powder is so fine it will get into every creak and every corner and you'll have a nightmare getting rid of it all. » 9/29/14 2:08am Monday 2:08am

Congratulations. You made a new system thats even worse than the current one. Hw about they stick to their original names instead, like Seville, Eldorado etc. These are names that have history, names that stick. CT8-VA doesn't. Try telling someone that your drive a "CEETEEEIGHTDASHVEEAY" and they'll think you have an… » 9/24/14 5:09pm 9/24/14 5:09pm

While globally the Nissan Leaf might not be a best seller, here in Norway it's actually one of the best selling cars. Mostly due to the major economic incentives. While a normal car can have as much as >300% added tax, an EV has no taxes added to the price at all, making it a cheap alternative. » 9/15/14 9:40am 9/15/14 9:40am